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The Reading Academy

Our Purpose

The Reading Academy provides exceptional reading and English language (ELA) instruction to elementary children in grades 1-5, who need to strengthen their reading skills. We offer a wide range of engaging and age-appropriate reading materials that will spark your child’s interest and make learning enjoyable. We believe that every child has the ability to become a confident and proficient reader, and we’re dedicated to making that a reality.

Our Clients

Are you a dedicated parent looking to empower your children’s education? We understand the challenges parents face with time and language during these difficult times. Our program specializes in improving reading comprehension skills for all children. Let us bridge the language gap and create a strong educational foundation for our kids. Reading is the foundation of lifelong growth and success. Join our supportive community of learners today.

Our Clients

For parents who find themselves frustrated in the world of young readers, The Reading Academy provides the passion, patience, & know-how to help your child navigate the oceans and control the helm. Reading is fundamental in every aspect of life; it is the foundation of lifelong growth & success.

Our Commitment

Our staff consist of caring instructors whose passion for reading is palpable. The Reading Academy entices the young learners through captivating poems, verses, & stories to create authentic learning opportunities. Young children learn naturally by observing & imitating. Our multisensory reading approach is designed to spark critical thinking and inspire curiosity in your children as they explore letters, sounds, color, and verse while gaining knowledge about the world around them. Your child will become a better communicator, in speaking as well as writing and they will have the ability to listen and understand.

Essential Services

Tutoring reading and English language instruction to 1st-5th graders – these are the pivotal formative years whereby students build skills, understand new concepts, and explore their surroundings. The Reading Academy’s engaging lessons build authentic comprehension. Practice makes permanent and reading is a habit that must be nurtured consistently. We offer 8 sessions per month, Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.

Our sessions are open to public, private, charter and homeschooled learners.

Please fill out the registration form and a staff member will reach out to answer your questions and set up time to meet with you in person.

Introductory Price

8 Sessions: $280

Books: $35

See What Parents Are Saying

Thankful for The Reading Academy! My daughter was falling behind her grade level and was struggling with confidence to read aloud. Ms. Lizz got her caught up to grade level and helped her feel confident in reading. Now we’re working on comprehension and I am so impressed with her progress. Thank you!!

Mrs. W

The best place where you can trust your child’s learning is here. I was so worried about my 3rd grade son passing the FAST reading exam, with only one month left to prepare. Ms. Lizz was an angel; she gave my son knowledge, confidence, and the proper tools to pass the exam. I will always be thankful to Ms. Lizz for all that she did! 

Mrs. G 

If you’re looking for a top-notch tutoring service for your child in Doral, Florida, look no further than the Reading Academy! My child has been struggling with reading, but since starting their tutoring sessions here, I’ve seen such a huge improvement in their skills. Overall, the Reading Academy has made a big difference in my child’s academic success, and I couldn’t be happier with the services. 

Mr. L


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Please select the appropriate materials according to your child’s grade level.

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